The Death Ride Plus ..
112 mi. and 10,773' of climbing in the San Gabriel Mountains
By Ray K
Ride Description... CCW
A loop around the highpoint of the San Gabriel range, Mt San Antonio.
Starting and ending in the Mt Baldy Village,
@4200'.  It is a fast drop down to the bottom of the hill  to Baseline in Upland where you go east until you reach
Lytle Creek cutoff.  Here you continue east toward Glen Helen, and then north through Devore, west to old Route 66, and north through Cajon Pass to Hwy 138.
Here you turn west and head up the San Andreas Rift Zone, up Lone Pine Canyon to Wrightwood,
about 9% grade a good climb,  and you are back in the high country, 6000' and climbing
through Big Pine, Grassy Hollow, Vincent Gap, to a highpoint of 7901' at the Dawson Saddle. 
From here you won't have to pedal for 22 miles!  It's all down hill to the bottom of Azusa canyon.
Continuing from Dawson Saddle on Hwy 2 until you reach Islip Saddle and a left turn down the gated Hwy 39 cutoff toward Crystal Lake, and down Azusa Canyon
When you reach the junction of Hwy 39 & the East Fork Bridge, go east across the San Gabriel River, then up the East Fork a few miles to Camp Williams Cafe.
a good place to rest and refresh before the last two climbs 6% and 6.3% respectivly.
 The first from the canyon floor to Glendora Ridge Road , and second along the ridge road up 'Reward' the last 3.5 mile climb before the Mt Baldy Village.
Home at last!

Ride Description... CW
    The Ride starts and ends  in the Mt Baldy Village where the Glendora Ridge Road meets the Mt Baldy Road.  The first climb, a short .9 mi. warmup out of the Mt Baldy Village.
  Then a few mi. of easy spinning flat, to a 3.5 mile downhill to another 4.54 mi. of rolling hills to the East Fork cutoff.  and down  to the East Fork of  the San Gabriel River.  The ride continues slightly
down hill along the canyon bottom about 4 miles through picnic areas, Camp Williams, Fellows Camp and to the bridge that crosses the top of the San Gabriel Reservoir where it meets Hwy 39. 
  Now a 27 mile climb up Hwy 39 through Crystal Lake area and on to
Hwy 2 at Islip Saddle 6,600',  to Dawson Saddle 7901'  (the high point).
Continuning to Vincent Gap 6,593', - Grassy Hollow, - Big Pine, - Wrightwood, - Lone Pine Cyn, - Cajon, - Devore, - Etiwanda, - Alta Loma,
and to the top of Euclid Ave.,and the climb back up to the Baldy Village..
The total is 112 miles.
From Baldy to Hwy 39 is mostly downhill 21 mi.
The major climb is from mile 21, the East Fork Bridge at Hwy 39, to Dawson Saddle, mile 48.  This is 27 mi. of climbing 6,500+', in the first half of the ride.
Big Pine to Etiwanda is mostly downhill 40 mi.
 Lone Pine Canyon downhill, a 8 mile straightaway, it is easy to reach 55+ !
There are restraunts at Mt Baldy Village, and Camp Williams before the climb and in Wrightwood and beyond on way down.
A must in your bag of bike riding experiences!

Yahooee!  Ride your Bike!

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