Bianchi  - The choice of Champions
A Bianchi that's not celeste is like a Ferrari that's not red.

1981 Bianchi Nuova Racing / Chrome-moly Steel
1981 Bianchi Nuova Racing
My 1981 Bianchi Nuova Racing nicely lugged and built with Columbus Tretubi tubing. An Excellent Ride
I rode this bike for 29,000 miles, before head tube cracks forced me to retire this machine.
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picture showing cracks in head tube
These are the cracks in the head tube... Bummer, this was a great bike!

2007 Bianchi Virata
/ Dedacciai EOM 16.5 High Strength Low Alloy Steel and Carbon Fiber
2007 Bianchi Virata
2007 Bianchi Virata What a sweet ride!!!
This machine is all I expected and more!
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Rode this bike 30,000 miles before retiring it in 2012

A new Bike and a New Brand in the stable
2012 Torelli Selvino Carbon Fiber
Torelli Selvino
Torelli Selvino
Custom built by Roger Hasper / Newhall Bicycle Co
La Bicicletta Che Vince / The Bicycle WINS     Click Here for specifications for this Bike

Thank you, Roger - Newhall Bicycle Company

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24261 1/2 Main St.
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