Took a zinger off this dryfall
I was climbing this dryfall in upper Cascade Canyon 6/3/2007 and fell 25~30 feet when a handhold pulled loose.  Very Luckliy the fall was perfect.
The rock pulled out, and  I smeared most of the way down the dryfall, which is smooth rock and just burned my hand,arm,knee and brusied body parts that touched on the way down.  Anyway I landed at the bottom, in a small pile of leaves facing the dryfall, still standing, with the rock still clutched in my hand (it was about a 15 pound rock), thanking the powers that be, that I was not broken during this fall.
These pictures were taken on a previous climb.

Upper Cascade Dryfall
This dryfall is in Upper Cascade Canyon, and is approximately 45' to where I am standing.

down from here
I was at this location on the dryfall, the hand hold that pulled out is just behind my right shoulder.

rock that pulled out
The culprit!

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