The Mt. Baldy Run To The Top
Mt Baldy Run To The Top

A  8* mile run from 6000' to 10,065' 

The race starts at the Mt Baldy Ski Lifts parking area entrance gate.
After a short .5 mile downhill to the San Antonio Falls Rd , the rest is uphill.
The section from the Falls Rd to the top of lift #4 is approximately 4.5 miles and averages 18% grade.
From the top of lift #4 to the Harwood saddle (mile 6 marker) is another 1.25 mi. and averages 20% grade.
And the last .5 mi. is the kicker at an average grade of 28%.

Elevation Profile
elevation profile
*  (6.8 mi on topo and 6.9 using a GPS)

West Baldy 9988'                                              Mt Baldy 10064'
 The Baldy Bowl

Mt San Antonio "Baldy Bowl"

  This view was taken from Telegraph ridge

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