A Rock Climb on Sugarloaf Peak
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"THE THRONE"   34° 14.547N   117° 38.360W  Elev.  5783'
1 - Sugarloaf peak from the road
2 - The Throne
3 - Looking at the chimney

1 - With location labels
2  - The route up & down the face
3 - Another view of the Chimney
In the chimney
Standing on the Throne
Sitting on the edge

  4 - New view - Looking out of Chimney
"The Throne" is only  3 tenths of a mile from the Mt Baldy road, but is a 1200' vertical climb,
This makes the hiking distance a little over a half mile, I rate this hike/climb 'extreme'.
The Throne Topo
Another Sugarloaf Rock Climb
RayClone on the Rocks
House Rock in the Baldy Bowl
A Zinger off a rock fall
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