Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy) 10,064'
The Baldy Bowl

Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy) 10,064' Summit Trails

San Antonio Summit Trails

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 To the Summit - from Mt Baldy Village - Via Bear Canyon Trail
              Purple trail F to E - Mt Baldy Village via Bear Canyon Trail to Summit 
This is a strenuous climb to the Summit - it is long , and on the edge of the wilderness area.
This trail has really great views.
I have seen Big horn sheep many times on this trail.
Be prepared, this is a long hike, up or down, - take plenty of water,
and the 10 essentials for wildernes hiking (see details)

     4260' to 10,064'
     5,804' vertical 6.3 miles = 921' per m
       Topo w/details 
  To the Summit - Via Baldy Bowl
Blue trail A to B = .91miles  and Red trail B to E = 3.20 miles
San Antonio Falls, Sierra club, Baldy Bowl, and ridge to the summit

This is a strenuous climb to the Summit, but the shortest
F6F Hellcat wreckage can be viewed and accessed from this trail.

     6156' to 10,064'
     3,908' vertical 4.11 miles = 951' per mile
      Topo w/details  - Click here for a Interactive Map
with links to pictures of features on map!!
 To the Summit - Via Ski Lifts
trail A to E - falls Rd via Baldy Notch, Devils Backbone to Summit

This is the easiest way to the summit
You can by-pass 3.17mi. & 1600'  by riding the ski lifts to  the Notch.

    6156' to 10,064'

     3,908' vertical 6.2 miles = 630' per mile

       Topo w/details

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