Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy) 10,064' Summit Trails
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A  B  C  D  E   San Antonio Falls   Gold Ridge Mine  Mount Harwood  Devils Backbone
To the Summit - Via Baldy Bowl
  Blue trail A to B = .91miles  and Red trail B to E = 3.20 miles
 San Antonio Falls, Sierra club, Baldy Bowl, and ridge to the summit
 This is a strenuous climb to the Summit, but the shortest                  
 F6F Hellcat wreckage can be viewed and accessed from this trail.  
 6156' to 10,064'                                                                             
  3,908' vertical 4.11 miles = 951' per mile                                   
The gray colored area is the debris field from the wreckage of 2 F6F Hellcats.

  The hellcats crashed on March 2, 1949                              


  001- N34 16.899 W117 38.343                                         
          Is at the Y in trail to Sierra club Hut ( The hut is about 150' from this waypoint)

003- N34 16.793 W117 38.475                                         
          Is a Large boulder (I call it 'House Rock') it is great for rock climbing,
          and has bolt hangers on top for protection ropes.                    

  009- N34 17.348 W117 38.786                                         
          Is the Mt Baldy 10,064 Summit Marker                               

  006- N34 16.925 W117 38.835                                         
          From this location standing on top of the precipice looking West
           toward the bottom of the canyon, you can see the empennage 
           of one of the F6F Hellcats.                                                      
To the Summit - Via Ski Lifts      
trail A to E - falls Rd via Baldy Notch, Devils Backbone to Summit
 This is the easiest way to the summit                                                  
 6156' to 10,064'                                                                              
  3,908' vertical 6.2 miles = 630' per mile                                       

A to C  Falls rd to Baldy Notch
(This section can be bypassed by riding the Ski Lifts to Notch)
6156' to 7750'

1594 vertical 3.17 miles

C to D  Notch to top of lift 4
7750' to 8533'

783 vertical 1.26 miles

D to E  Top of lift 4 to Summit
8533' to 10,064'

1531 vertical 1.77 miles

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